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Development Rankings? Dukwe it!

Avoid, manage or eliminate diabetes and high blood pressure for you or loved one.Apparatus to check your blood pressure and sugar levels, informational book to know it all and free certificate of financial support in case of serious medical issues plus qualify for all programs on this site .. more+

Earn additional monthly income by being part of our public enlightenment campaign
Enjoy bonuses of owning a vehicle, home, computer, international travel etc just by educating people…..more +

Develop a village, name it after you and share their profits forever. Play the world’s first rural development lottery making change, name and money...more +

Get monthly financial support into your local bank account automatically from a loved one or total stranger.
Financial Peace of mind, convenience and very low charges……..more +

Enjoy powerful legal protection and never be intimidated or oppressed again…
Lawyers when needed, bail processing, legal education, compensations for any oppression and more..more +

Get the car of your dream on credit with incredibly low interest rates.  Vast selection, home delivery, flexible payment and savings plans plus much more  ...more +

Custom build your own home with our renowned architects; pay off in 30 years!!!….
Oversee the building process through dedicated web platform, great mortgage rates and efficient, effective on time completion with unprecedented guarantee...more +

Buy anything you can ever need on credit, get loans and cash advances when needed..
Credit card with up to $10,000, flexible plans, great rates, compassionate financing ...more +

University Student Loans, real world job trainings, and orphanage education guarantee……
Revolutionary courses in identity, technology and economic participation offering amazing benefits  ...more +

Get quality foodstuffs delivered to your home at lower costs than market

Local food, provisions, array of choices, hygienic packaging and handling, cost effective and cooking manuals ...more+

Get a computer on credit and enjoy free training on usage. Home delivery, flexible payment , savings plans, warranty, maintenance and trainings...more +

Receive Business capital without collateral enjoying high level strategic support..
Give your business great support in capital, business intelligence and international connections…

..more +

Money to your family and total funeral arrangements when you pass on….

Take away the worries of death and live your life. Enjoy coverage and protection for your family…...more +

Economic empowerment for women in Africa through oil and gas…….
Receive income to support your family, business loans, legal aid and medical assistance…

...more +

Enjoy financial support at old age and live well through specially organized care..
Medical assistance, monthly financial support, specialized care, legal protection and social interaction… ..Learn more +


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